On-board Processing

We have put in place standard handling and processing procedure for tuna fishes on board to avoid contamination and minimise superficial damage such as bruising, to ensure that we deliver premium grade tuna fishes to our customers.

Maintenance of our fishing vessel and facilities

Our seaworthy fishing vessels are recognized for quality production, operated and maintained by experienced fishermen skilled in maintenance and supported by technical specialists. Most importantly, the group promotes systematic attention to vessel safety by publishing relevant standards or guidelines.

Quality control of tuna and tuna-like-species

In order to control the quality, we ensure that the third-party fishing company we are procuring tuna and tuna like fishes from have proper operating procedures. As such, we will perform a check on these external suppliers by assessing the location of fishing activities, ensuring that their facilities (particularly the cold-rooms) are fully functional and their fishing operations are sustainable. We will also occasionally engage third-party seafood inspection service providers to inspect and grade the fishes on a random sampling basis when the fishing vessels lands at the tuna landing port. In addition, we also ensure that we only procure from external suppliers which are reputable in the tuna industry.

Maintaining suitable temperatures from the time of capture till it is delivered to customers

We constantly ensure that our cold rooms on board can maintain the required temperatures. We also work with reliable transportation providers that have refrigerated containers that are suitable for transporting our products.

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